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The leaders in producing Paints and Decor products in Iraq

Al-Tabieaa Company is a leading Iraqi company in décor products and paint manufacturing according to international quality standards. Al-Tabieaa Company redefined quality standards and raised the level of competition to secure a strategic place for itself as the number one manufacturing company in the region.

Al-Tabieaa Company focuses on leaving a long-term positive impact, at all levels, on society and the Iraqi citizen. Being an advanced and up-to-date company regarding global developments in the industry, its products, Al-Yaqut, Al-Marjan and Global, are considered the most known, widespread and environment friendly trademarks in the market.

Our Success Story

The lead supplier to both private and public sectors in the Iraqi market

Al-Tabieaa Company was founded in 1994 in Baghdad. At that time it started producing   Al-Yaqut and Al-Marjan paints. With the start of the new millennium, our factory in Jordan was opened and Global products joined the family.  Later on we expanded our production lines inside Iraq to become the leading supplier in the Iraqi market after starting two new factories in Baghdad and Al-Najaf.

Al-Tabieaa Company never stopped developing new products to meet the market needs. It is also committed to acquiring the most recent trends in paint, décor and protection and insulation products. For these reasons Al-Yaqut and Al-Marjan have become the number one products in both public and private sectors of the Iraqi market.

Our Vision

A colourful, better future with the best quality.

Our Goal

To maintain our status as the number one supplier for both public and private sectors in the Iraqi market regarding décor products, high quality paints and to keep the Iraqi market up to date with the latest trends in modern paints, protection and insulation technologies at reasonable prices

Social Responsibility

Al-Tabieaa Company has took upon itself to improve the reputation of Iraqi products by leadership in excellence and regaining the trust of the consumer in local products. This is done through providing high quality products that are manufactured using the latest technology and fast processing production lines. The company will keep educating the consumer regarding the fact that local products, observed by SAIs, are better than imported goods for commercial reasons, while providing the best products proved by experience.

The Company also puts social responsibility among its most important priorities. For this reason, it has always supported youth sectors and NGOs aiming to redevelop Iraq in any way possible. Al-Tabieaa also aims to do more and more to reflect the vision of our company in short and long terms by improving society and raising life standards for the Iraqi citizen.

Credentials of excellence

Modernity and Renewal

Despite the expertise of the company, our products and staff are renewed and open to the latest technologies in the development and manufacturing of paints, surface protection products and other décor products. We believe that there is always more to learn and we seek perfection and accuracy in every detail of our company.

Consideration of our society and environment

Our products are environment friendly and do not contain lead or harmful chemicals. We are constantly working towards improving their properties to be the best in the market and we are always concerned with the safety of the technicians, craftsmen and customers whose deal with our products.


Despite the efficiency and high quality, Al-Tabieaa Company has maintained steady prices in the market and kept its products available for everyone at reasonable prices. Therefore, the company products have become the number one products used by both professionals and regular people.


We are committed, on the long-term, to continue providing the best products with no exception regardless of any difficulties.


Quality Standards

All of Al-Tabieaa products match the specifications of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control in Iraq. With the help of the immense efforts of all of its members, the company received the ISO 9001 international quality certificate. Al-Tabieaa Company’s paint and other products are either liquid, powder or paste products used to paint different types of surfaces like cement, wood and metal surfaces. These products are also resistant to environmental conditions and are long lasting after they dry.  The company is long-termly committed to presenting products of high quality using modern technology with production lines that match international qualifications.

Imported products in the Iraqi market do not compete with ours

Do not hesitate to try our company’s high quality products at reasonable prices through our networks of depended agents and distributors in all the Iraqi cities. You can also reach out to our company to acquire our products and in the desired quantities as our production capacity and supplying speed is what distinguishes us from our competitors.