What is Powder Coating

It is a 100% solid paint consist of binders, pigments and additivesIt is a 100% solid paint consist of binders, pigments and additives

Coating Steps 1

Metal Preparation:
All contamination (oil, grease and dust) on metal surface should be removed then pretreatment chemicals (to increase corrosion resistance and coating adhesion) to be added.

Coating Steps 2

Powder spraying:
At the end of spray gun the air is statically charged, the charged powdered heads to earthed substrate and adheres because of charge difference.

Coating Steps 3

Curing Oven:
The substrate enters an oven at 180-200 degrees for 10-15 min for curing giving a very nice coated metal with resistance to weather and corrosion

Powder Coatings types

Pure polyester :
Powder coating dedicated for exterior coatings that need weather resistance like aluminum facades, electrical generators, lightning

Hybrid epoxy polyester

Hybrid epoxy polyester :
powder coating dedicated for interior coatings like home appliances, shelves and metal furniture

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